Year End Giving – Wednesday Wisdom December 7th 1 PM Eastern

We’ll be hosting a Wednesday Wisdom Forum on Year End Giving Wednesday December 7th at 1 PM Eastern time. Bring your questions. We’ll send you a zoom link on Tuesday the 6th.

It’s not too late to conduct ask for year end gifts!

You can check out these posts on year end giving:

Why and How to Do a Year End Giving Drive? by Mark Ewert

It’s That Time of Year! Think now about Year End Giving by Barry Finkelstein

Gratitude & Generosity: Year-end Giving by Rachel Maxwell



2 thoughts on “Year End Giving – Wednesday Wisdom December 7th 1 PM Eastern”

  1. Good morning
    Will there be a recording of the webinar tomorrow (Dec 7)? I am not able to join at 1pm but am very interested in this topic.

    Thank you
    Anne Moore
    UUSA (Amherst, MA)

    1. Hello Anne,
      Most of this session will be participants in breakout rooms; working together, sharing ideas, and building strategies. Since we cannot record in the breakout rooms, we do not record the sessions. Are there one or two other people from your congregation who could attend and take notes for you to see?
      Hope to see you next time! Mark

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