Support for Large Congregations


Large congregations pose special challenges and require tailored approaches to all aspects of their stewardship programs, including:

  • Communications demands of multiple constituencies and a diverse membership with varying levels of engagement and commitment
  • Established or mature policy governance structures with established executive teams and multiple professional and administrative staffs, with varying roles in stewardship
  • Large, complex budgets including new and innovative revenue streams
  • Appetite for innovation and best practices
  • Sophisticated lay leadership with a solid understanding of finance, budgeting, leadership development, and member engagement


The Stewardship For Us Team brings a unique combination of skills and experience to our work with large congregations.  First, we are the only fundraising resource staffed exclusively with committed Unitarian Universalists (UUs).  Not only do we understand your challenges and goals from the large congregation perspective, but we also have a deep understanding of UU polity, governance, values, theology, and we ground our stewardship consulting in Unitarian Universalism.

Second, we have a wealth of experience in the non-profit universe beyond UU congregations.  Collectively, we work for some of the largest non-profit and Non-Governmental Organizations in the world, providing a range of services in strategic planning, board development, organizational systems, and of course fundraising.  We maintain a database of best practices and innovative ideas that we incorporate in all of our engagements.

Third, we have supported over 100 UU congregations over the past 7 years, including many of our largest congregations. We have assisted congregations with capital campaigns, annual budget drives, strategic planning, and legacy giving.  And we have reached thousands of other UUs in regional and national workshops.  The result of this exposure is that we know what works in UU congregations from the smallest to the largest, and can help tailor best practices effectively.

What We Offer:

  • The full range of stewardship consulting services – customized for your large congregation
  • Knowledge of the latest ideas and approaches
  • Support for year-round stewardship
  • Assistance with database and software systems
  • Consultation with executive teams and staff

Training for stewards, event hosts and coordinators, and communications managers