Resources for Stewardship Discernment

Material from the Guest Webinar

Mike Little, Faith & Money Network

Last week, Mike Little, the Executive Director of the Faith and Money Network gave a webinar presentation on tools for aligning our financial resources with our beliefs, values, and loves. These are tools for adult spiritual exploration and will help your members with discernment about their financial stewardship.   

Here is Mike’s slideshow from the webinar.

And Here are the Resources Mike talked about:

Faith and Money Podcast:

The “Faith and Money Podcast” is a production of Faith and Money Network. Find us and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, RadioPublic or via RSS feed.

Regular Newsletters:

Newsletters feature articles by Faith & Money Network members and constituents, and also include links to other relevant resources on the web. Sign Up on this Page.

Money Autobiography:

A guiding set of questions to help you look back over your life to consider the culture of money in which you grew up, and significant changes in your relationship to your financial resources since then. Free download Here.

Generosity Self-Assessment:

How generous are you? How adept are you at giving and receiving. This self-assessment will help you consider your own generosity. Free download Here.

Trips of Perspective:

Our trips are a chance to spend time forming personal relationships with people in a community in the U.S. or another country — people who don’t have societal power and privilege, but have spiritual riches and richness of solidarity. We form relationships that bridge extreme gaps and discover what piece each of us is called to carry to help heal those gaps. These are not service or fundraising trips. Past trips include our long standing relationships with people in Haiti. Upcoming Trips include Central Appalachia coal country and Deep South Investors Tour. More Here.

6-Week :Money Faith and You” class (includes free Guide):

Money, Faith and You online study groups meet weekly for six weeks via a video conference to:

  • Explore habits and history with money
  • Read (and discuss with others) some of today’s leading thinkers on faith and money
  • Consider how both personal and federal financial choices impact people and the environment

The next Money, Faith and You online study group will meet Tuesdays, February 27, 2024, through April 2, 2024, from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Read more and sign up Here.

Money Mentoring:

Money mentoring is a relationship between a mentee looking for motivation and perspective as they explore questions around faith and money, and a knowledgeable, experienced, faith-grounded mentor who can ask probing questions and offer spiritual accompaniment and accountability along the journey. More Here.

Sabbath Economics in Daily Life small groups:

“Household practices” refers to a seven-fold framework developed by Ched Myers and Bartimaeus Cooperative Ministries for putting the values of Sabbath economics into action in our daily living. These small groups occasionally launch. Watch our website and newsletter for new groups starting. Lots more information and other resources Here.

Recommended Reading:

More resources Here.

Also, as a bonus (yet not a project of the Faith and Money Network):

Better Banking Options:

A website that helps you understand about how where you bank your money can make a big difference, in both your local community and the world. Visit the website Here.