Living Into Stewardship Now

Shane Rounce at Unsplash

Many of you joined us at UUA’s General Assembly in June 2023 for our webinar Living Into Stewardship Now. There were numerous ideas shared during the presentation, the breakout groups and in the chat. We discussed stewardship engagement in your congregation, connection and beloved community creation, the gifts and challenges of stewardship today, UU theology & spiritual stewardship, marketing your congregation both within and beyond your walls, and more!

View or download the slides:  Living Into Stewardship Now

A few questions to ponder:

  • How are you creating community now and how is that linked to successful stewardship? 
  • How does giving connect you with your spirit?
  • What can you do to infuse spirituality into your stewardship?
  • How can you create deeper community through generosity?

Please feel free to use these slides to spark discussion and enhance the stewardship ministry in your own congregation. Your values, mission and vision, and their positive impact in today’s world, are worth it!