Ready for Planned Giving?

Do you think your Planned Giving program is firing on all cylinders? Is it vibrant and engaging or barely there? Are you really ready for The Legacy Challenge or does it need some shaping up?

Rather than Planned Giving, I prefer the term:

Long Term Stewardship

That’s because people give more long term gifts, because congregations usually use those gifts over the long term, and the program itself has distinct phases – which need to last for decades. Decades? Yup – decades!

These phases are illustrated below (click the image and it will enlarge):

Long Term Stewardship Phases

Want to know more about these phases (particularly those you don’t currently implement)? Are you looking to make your Long Term Stewardship program more enduring, vibrant, and engaging? Let us know; we would be happy to help!

Mark EwertMark Ewert is a stewardship consultant with the Stewardship For Us team. Mark can be reached at, via the UUA’s Congregational Stewardship Resources page, (, or through your regional staff.

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