Professional Coaching is a Discipline

Consulting with Stewardship For Us is only part of my vocational life. The other part is that I am a professional leadership coach. I work with families and funding organizations on their philanthropy (charitable giving), and I coach nonprofit leaders. “Coach” is a term that is bandied around a lot, however it is actually a discipline with different approaches, significant research, specific educational programs, and international certification. In other words, if you coach 5th grade soccer or want to offer your expertise with an easy-to-understand term, those are different things.

I recently received official notice from the International Coaching Federation that I have earned the status of Professional Certified Coach (PCC). This entailed completion of a certified coaching program, in my case from Georgetown University, a certain number of continuing education units, being mentored by a higher level coach, taking an assessment test, and logging 500 hours of direct coaching experience.I love my coaching work and am proud of becoming a PCC. Although my consulting is guided by capacity building principles and uses some of my coaching skills, there is little explicit connection between my coaching work and my consulting work. If you or someone in your organization is interested in formal coaching, let me know. I am interested in creating more overlap with my offerings!

Mark EwertMark Ewert is a stewardship consultant with the Stewardship For Us team. Mark can be reached at, via the UUA’s Congregational Stewardship Resources page, (, or through your regional staff.

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