New Webinars are Coming!

New Stewardship for Us Webinars
are Under Development

The Stewardship for Us Team is putting on the finishing touches in planning for the 2018 webinar season. We will begin webinars again this Spring and will host them periodically throughout the year.

Early discussions are looking at topics such as loans (commercial and member), year-round stewardship planning, connecting stewardship (teams and process) with other congregational pillars such as membership and finance, and more.

But before we get too far into the planning process, we would like to know what YOU WANT to see in webinars this year.

What problems, challenges, or opportunities do you foresee that a webinar might be helpful for you and your team?

Let us know your thoughts, ideas, preferences. Send us an email over the next couple of weeks and we will do our best to incorporate what shows up in our mailbox!

Send your inputs to, subject: Webinar Ideas.

We can’t wait to see what’s on your mind!

— The Stewardship for Us Team

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