Bill Clontz


William R. (Bill) Clontz Stewardship Consultant

Bill brings over forty years in leadership development and coaching, organizational effectiveness, and strategic planning to his work as a Stewardship Consultant and as an internationally certified mentor. Bill has worked with over 50 congregations and many clusters and regional organizations over the past four years and is an active blogger concentrating on stewardship issues.

His focus is on empowering congregations and their leaders to grow, sustain, and celebrate healthy stewardship climates that are effective in supporting mission, vision, and programs. He brings to this work over twenty years of active participation in congregational and higher level leadership and stewardship, fifteen years of business development and portfolio management as a corporate officer, and three years of experience on corporate 401K advisory and continuity teams.

Bill has served in his own congregations on the Board of Trustees, as Program Council Convener, on the Endowment and Stewardship Committees, as Chair of the Leadership Development Team, led a Capital Campaign team, formed the Communications Council, and hosted a regional stewardship conference attended by representatives from five states. He has served regional and national boards of professional and nonprofit organizations. He has presented at several UUA General Assemblies.

Comments on Working with Bill

Excellent summary report

We are all looking forward to your onsite presence. I was blown away when you paid us your Next Steps Visit last year. I came to attend one meeting early on Saturday and ended up staying for most of the day. I pick up your excellent summary report whenever the need arises — it is the most thorough, impartial and informative guideline that we have. Especially now that we are shaking so many trees simultaneously, many of those old leaves want to continue hanging on to their old familiar branches.

Finance Trustee, North Shore Unitarian Church, Deerfield, IL

Nothing but good comments

Bill, we are slowly digesting your report.  I think that we had you come at a very opportune time. I have heard nothing but good comments about the Next Steps Weekend. What – no one wants to complain????  Amazing!

Stewardship Chair, Accotink Unitarian Universalist Church

One of the best years I have seen

Bill, the ministry is going very well. With the enthusiasm you generated during your visit and the work of many local folks, we have experienced one of the best years I have seen in a long time. Following your recommendations, we have moved to a twelve-month stewardship committee and we have added the minister and president as advisors to the endowment committee. Plans are underway to promote endowment and begin a legacy program. We are planning multiple years for stewardship.

Board Chair, Unitarian Universalist Church of Chattanooga, TN

You light chalices of the heart

Bill, what a pleasure it was to finally get to meet you face to face and hear you in person. Thanks for all your good work. You do indeed light chalices of the heart and spirit!

Senior Minister, Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta

Above and beyond expectations


Thank you so much for all your help — you definitely went above and beyond our expectations.

Stewardship Chair, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Raleigh, NC

ABOVE even our stretch goal

It has been a good drive. Lots of great things have come from this drive and there continues to be lots of outreach…. We are ABOVE even our stretch goal for donors of $3000 and up…. Our stewardship committee newcomers (3!) are awesome and riled up It is fun to see and I think they’ll be ready to take over the committee next year!

Almost all the pledges we received were at least the same or moderate to significant increases.  Also, many started their increase now instead of waiting until July.

Thanks, Bill, for all your help.  BTW, we are planning to use some words from your sermon in our newsletter since it was so inspiring to those that heard it!

Stewardship Co-Chair, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Anchorage

Made tasks much easier

Bill, thank you for all your advice and guidance.  It made our tasks much easier.

Capital Campaign Co-Chair, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Anchorage